Do I Need A Building Certifier?

If you are thinking of starting any construction
work whether it be on your own residential property or commercial, chances are you will need a building certifier.
One of the most important reason for needing a building certifier is for your safety and the safety of others, insuring all works meet the correct standards.

I bet you are wondering; ‘why do I need a building certifier?’ or ‘what does a building certifier do?’

Why do I need a building certified?

A building certifier is a professional agent who ensures all structures meet with local and national building codes and regulations to ensure safe and secure infrastructure for yourself and the community.

Do you really want your roof or shed to fall down because you didn’t have a certifier check the small print for you?


Proceeding with works without a building permit or having a pre-existing building without certification is a big no no! By law you are required to obtain a building permit before any construction begins. It is also in your best interest to engage a certifier first as pre-existing works can be costly on your wallet and may even lead to enforcement notices being issued from your local council.

Now that we have established why you need a building certifier, you may be wondering; “what exactly does a building certifier do?’.

The short answer is: A building certifier checks your proposed plans to make sure every detail meets the required building laws and regulations and thus provides a building permit. We will go into more detail on this in our next article.


Amelia Pound 

Assistant Surveyor Cadet

KP Building Approvals 

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One thought on “Do I Need A Building Certifier?

  1. It’s great that you elaborated on how the certifier makes sure that every detail meets the required building laws and regulations. When it comes to construction and building I would hate for there to be unexpected set backs and more spending than needed. Thank you for your tips on needing a building certifier.

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