Pool Safety Inspection Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Make Sure Your Swimming Pool Design is Compliant: Get a Pool Safety Inspection in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast

Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of death for children in Queensland who are younger than five? In large part, this statistic is due to the number of unsafe or non-compliant swimming pools in the state. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, the simple fact is that you need to spare a thought for safety, and in particular get clued up on pool safety.


At KP Building Approvals, our job is to help you spare that thought. We assist homeowners by providing pool safety inspections in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast, and on the Gold Coast. This safety service will tell you whether there are compliance problems with your swimming pool. More importantly, it can help keep children—both your own kids and the other children in your neighbourhood—safe.

Designing a Compliant Swimming Pool: What It Takes

So, what does it take to ensure that your swimming pool is safe and compliant? The good news is that the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has this handy online ‘Pool Compliance Checklist’ that you can use to get a quick, at-a-glance idea of how safe your pool is. As you will see, many pieces of the QBCC’s swimming pool compliance code don’t concern the swimming pool itself. Instead, most of the code relates to the swimming pool fence, gate, and overall barrier system.

A good swimming pool fence is undoubtedly the best defence against potential swimming pool catastrophes. A tall, well-maintained fence with a self-latching gate and no climbable objects nearby will keep most kids far away from the swimming pool itself. However, just having a compliant fence does not necessarily mean your swimming pool is safe.

At KP Building Approvals, our pool safety inspections in Brisbane and the surrounding areas look a bit deeper to assess your pool’s compliance. In addition to checking your pool fencing and gate, we will look at more structural components such as the piers, the footings, and the frame. If the swimming pool is very old, it may no longer be structurally sound and inspections are always recommended. If it is a very new pool, meanwhile, it may not have gone through a pool safety inspection yet. Either way, calling on KP Building Approvals to check the compliance and safety of your pool is a smart way to limit your liability and make sure you aren’t putting anyone at risk.

Get Your Pool Certified Today: Call for a Pool Safety Inspection in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane

If you have any doubts about the safety of your swimming pool, scheduling a pool safety inspection is the smartest thing you can do. Whether you are worried about the structural components of the pool or aren’t sure whether your fencing is sufficient, KP Building Approvals can help. When you schedule a pool safety inspection in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, you can expect a thorough service with a rapid turnaround time. If your pool passes inspection, we will give you a validated certificate immediately.

Swimming pools can be dangerous, but only if they (or the fences and barriers around them) are poorly designed. At KP Building Approvals, our safety inspections will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is safe. Call us on (07) 3823 2829 to get started.

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