How can I get my forms to you?

You can submit your forms via email to: or drop into the office which is located at; 3C 26-28 Redland Bay Road Capalaba. If these options are not suitable, you can also post through your documents to: PO BOX 1646 Capalaba Q 4157.

My certifier has gone into liquidation / not finished the project, HELP!?

Believe it or not, this happens frequently within the Building Industry. We’ve had several cases of clients being left with half jobs done and their certifiers going into liquidation. Once we can confirm that the previous certifier has been disengaged or verify the business has gone into liquidation we can then guide you through the […]

What happens on inspections?

The Certifier or a Cadet will come on site and conduct an inspection to make sure that the works is up to Australian Standard, after the inspection is completed the applicant will receive the appropriate forms when passed.

When and how do I book inspections?

Once we’ve issued your Decision Notice, it will have listed Inspections required and documents to be supplied before we can issue your final forms. When you require an inspection depending on what stage your works is up to, please contact our Administration 3 days prior to when it is required so we can organize a […]

What inspections will be done?

The person carrying out the building work must give notice to the private certifier when an inspection is due, the required inspections will be shown on the Decision Notice. For houses the following inspections must be undertaken: Foundation and excavation (before the footings are poured); Slab (before the concrete is poured); Frame (before the cladding […]

What is the certification process?

Once we have received all documents required to create your permit, the certifier will complete her final assessment of the documentation. Your permit will then be compiled and lodged accordingly with council. Once you have received your permit (decision Notice), you can start works.

Who is responsible for the standard of work?

Both the building contractor and owner are responsible for ensuring building work is carried out to a standard of quality and finish required by the owner under the conditions of contract. The private certifier is not responsible for standards of workmanship higher than the acceptable health and safety standards called upon by State legislation. Private […]