What inspections will be done?

The person carrying out the building work must give notice to the private certifier when an inspection is due, the required inspections will be shown on the Decision Notice.

For houses the following inspections must be undertaken:

  • Foundation and excavation (before the footings are poured);
  • Slab (before the concrete is poured);
  • Frame (before the cladding or lining is fixed or for reinforced masonry construction, before the wall cavities are filled); and
  • Final (at the completion of all aspects of the building work).

For garages, carports and sheds an inspection is required at the final stage of construction.

For swimming pools and required fencing, an inspection must be carried out and the fence certified before water is placed in the pool.

For the other inspections, the private certifier will either carry out inspections personally or appoint competent persons to inspect and approve aspects of work. The private certifier will send a final inspection certificate to the owner nominated on the application form, and a copy will be given to the local council at the completion of the building work.