Building Permits

Building permits are essential before building a new residential or commercial structure.

Building your dream home or extending your existing space is an exciting time — filled with ideas, inspiration and lots of planning. Reasonably so, sometimes the building certification process isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind. Whether renovating your existing space or adding new dwelling units to your backyard, there’s so much to think about and consider. When you are hands-on with the planning process, you are balancing a million decisions at once while trying to keep up with the stresses and wonders of everyday life. But don’t fret; with KP Building Approvals building certification process, you don’t need to think about building approval; we will take care of that for you with our in-house team of building certifiers, who have years of experience managing building certification.

a building on a bank with support underneath to support a balcony

KP Building Approvals takes the stress and confusion out of building permits and approvals. We know there aren’t many building certifiers specifically supporting homeowners or taking on the more difficult projects. That’s our specialty; we don’t view more challenging building certification as a problem but rather as an area where we thrive. Whether you’re a homeowner building your dream home or a developer creating a townhouse development — we’ll walk you through the process and take the hassle out of building approvals Brisbane-wide and beyond.

When it comes to building approvals Brisbane, we operate a little differently than other building certifiers. We also assist with obtaining retrospective building approvals, which means we help those who have started building without the required permissions. Many building certifiers choose not to do this work, leaving homeowners and building companies alike stranded. But here at KP Building Approvals, we can help to obtain building certification and get your dwelling units approved with the Brisbane city council or your local council, regardless of if we are working with existing buildings or ground-up builds. 

Whether you intend to build a new pool, shed or a completely new dream home, you will need a building certifier for the approvals process, and that’s where we come in. So, partner with the best and ensure that your building approval and certification process is streamlined and simple.

What can our building certifiers help with?

When it comes to building approvals, there’s not much that our in-house building certifier cannot do. If you are seeking building approval for any of the following projects, our building certifiers can help you get your building permit.

wooden roof structure for new home
an urban village plan next a Amy Street

We take the stress & hassle out of getting your building permit

We know the process of designing your home or development and then negotiating the building approvals can be stressful and taxing. With so much already on your plate, applying for building approval is just one more thing you want to avoid having to deal with. At KP Building Approvals, we take on as much of the process as possible, offering you hands-on support at any stage that you need throughout your building approval project.


You can always get in touch with us to ask any questions you might have along the way, too. Our building approvals customer service team will be more than happy to provide you with any assistance you need before locking us in as your team of building certifiers.

Residential building approvals

Our team works on the building approval process for all types of residential buildings; whether you are working with existing buildings, adding dwelling units to your backyard or seeking building approval for a pool or shed, our building certifier can help our clients through the approvals process so you can get on with what matters, completing your dream project!

The side of a building in Australia with a black and a white wall as well as steps up to an outdoor seating area
Architect at work in a construction site

Commercial building approvals

If you are looking for a team equipped to handle commercial building approvals, you are in just the right place. We have an in-house building certifier who can help to get things moving for your commercial build.

Getting your building permit with KP Building Approvals is simple

With intelligent processes, modern technology, and a team of highly experienced building certifiers, KP Building Approvals offers streamlined building approvals. We’re dedicated to keeping it simple for you. To do that, we use smart project tracking technology, communicate with you at every stage, and check in with you along the way.

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Why homeowners & developers choose KP Building Approvals

We work with homeowners & walk you through it

You’ve got your block of land and your dream home design. Now it’s time to get your building permit – the stressful part. We know this process can feel super convoluted for homeowners, so we’ll walk you through it.

Modern technology for efficiency

We keep a suite of the latest building permit and approval software to streamline how we handle the building approval process. These efficiencies free up our time, so we can spend more of it coordinating your project.

Streamlined approvals

At KP Building Approvals, we’re big on efficiency and streamlining the process — because we know your building permit can be a big roadblock in your project. You can expect an easy and convenient process when you team up with us.

Friendly communication

Whether you’re a homeowner who’s never acquired a building permit or an experienced property developer, our team will keep in touch with you regularly. You’ll receive friendly, personalised updates and check-ins from us. 

Our frequently asked Building Permit questions

A private certifier can perform the following functions:

  • Assess whether the proposed building work complies with acceptable health and safety standards called up by building legislation (i.e. Building Code of Australia);
  • Issue approval for the building work;
  • Carry out inspections to determine if the building complies with building legislation and any conditions they impose on the approval;
  • Issue a final inspection certificate for the building work; and
  • Take any necessary action to ensure the building work complies with the legislation.

A building certifier is not responsible for job site supervision, quality control or ensuring the builder or contractors comply with their contract.

To make sure your structure complies with the approved building plans and appropriate building standards.

Building Certifiers can:

  • Assess and approve plans for new building work or alterations/additions
  • Inspect mandatory stages of building work i.e. a basic house will require four inspections:
  • Footings, Bond Beam, Frame and Final Stage.
  • Issue final certificates once the building works have been completed and deemed
  • satisfactory.
  • Issue enforcement notices if required
  • Provide alternative solutions

Once we’ve issued your Decision Notice, it will specify the listed inspections required and documents that must be supplied before we can issue your final forms.


When you require an inspection, depending on what stage your works is up to. Please contact our administration three days prior to when your inspection is required, so we can organise a suitable time. Our office number is: (07) 3823 2829.

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