Pool Safety Inspections

Ensure safety & compliance in your pool area with a pool safety inspection

Pool safety certificates are a part of life for you as a pool owner. Whether you’re a homeowner and need to renew your pool safety certificate every two years, or a body corporate representative who requires a renewed safety certificate for a shared pool each year — KP Building Approvals can help.

Queensland’s legislation mandates that these certificates are renewed regularly to ensure pool safety compliance across the state.

We inspect:

an outdoor swimming pool structure built into a rock structure with a slide

Getting your pool safety inspection with KP Building Approvals is simple

All you need to do is request a free quote to get started. Once you’ve accepted, the process of getting one of our inspectors out to your home or site is as simple as can be. We’ll walk you through the process, no matter if it’s getting an immediate pool compliance approval, or if some work is required first to get your pool up to code.

We take the stress & hassle out of getting your pool safety inspection

We know that, especially for existing pools, getting your safety certificate renewed can feel like a hassle. Our team makes getting your certificate renewed stress and hassle-free, with prompt inspections and a network of construction professionals to draw on if your pool is non-compliant.

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What you can expect from us

Wondering what the pool safety inspection process at KP Building Approvals looks like? Let us walk you through our hassle-free and thorough process!

Step 1: Reach Out to Us

Kick things off by getting in touch with us! Whether you’re in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, we’re ready to assist you with your pool safety inspection needs. You can request a quote, and we’ll get back to you swiftly with all the details.

Step 2: Schedule the Inspection

Once you’re all set, we’ll work together to find a suitable time for your inspection. We value your time, and our licensed pool safety inspectors are committed to accommodating your schedule.

Step 3: Inspection Day

On the day of your inspection, our friendly and experienced inspector will assess your pool barrier thoroughly to ensure it meets all the necessary safety standards. We’ll check the height, strength, and gaps of the barrier to make sure it’s secure and compliant.

Step 4: Receive Clear Feedback

After the inspection, we’ll provide you with clear, concise feedback on the condition of your pool barrier. If there are any compliance issues, we’ll guide you through the necessary adjustments and offer practical solutions.

Step 5: Compliance Certification

Once everything is up to snuff, we’ll issue your pool safety certificate! If your pool barrier meets all the requirements, we’ll make sure it’s registered on the pool safety register without delay.

Step 6: Continuous Support

Even after the inspection, we’re here for you! If you have any questions or need advice on maintaining your pool barrier, our team is always ready to assist and provide informative insights.

Understanding Queensland pool safety legislation

It’s our collective responsibility to ensure that all swimming pools are compliant with state-mandated safety standards. These stringent standards are in place to prevent any unfortunate incidents and safeguard everyone, especially young children, from potential pool hazards. That’s why understanding Queensland legislation on pool safety, and Queensland pool fence guidelines, is crucial for maintaining a secure and compliant swimming environment.

At KP Building Approvals, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive knowledge of these pool safety regulations and our meticulous approach to helping you navigate through them. Whether it’s an in-depth pool safety inspection, or clarifications on pool gates, barriers, or the parameters on your existing pool safety fence, our licensed pool safety inspectors are here to offer clarity and ensure adherence to all necessary legislation.

With our pool inspections in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, we strive to instill a sense of confidence and peace of mind in every homeowner, both for those with inground pools and above ground pools. We firmly believe that understanding and complying with pool safety laws not only enhances safety but also cultivates a stress-free and enjoyable pool experience for everyone.

So, do you need a pool safety inspection and valid pool safety certificate? Our friendly and experienced team is always ready to assist you with informative insights, practical solutions, and continuous support to make your pool safety journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

outdoor area of a house with a pool fence in front of it

Why homeowners & developers choose KP Building Approvals

Expert knowledge

At KP Building Approvals, we’re your trusted pool certifiers with a deep understanding of pool safety laws and standards. Our extensive knowledge ensures your swimming pool area is compliant and safe, letting you relax and enjoy your pool with peace of mind.


Hassle-free process

We make pool safety inspections a breeze! Our team is committed to delivering a smooth, stress-free experience, guiding you through each step with friendly and clear communication. Whether you’re in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, we’re here to simplify your compliance journey.


Fast and efficient service

Our modern technology and streamlined processes mean we provide quick turnarounds on our pool safety certificates. We understand time is valuable, so we ensure your pool inspection services are conducted promptly, without compromising on quality or attention to detail.


Comprehensive pool inspection services

From checking your pool safety fence to assessing your pool barrier, we cover all bases during our inspections. We offer a thorough examination of your pool area to ensure it meets the strictest pool safety standards, keeping everyone who uses your pool safe.


Friendly and informative communication

We’re not just about pool inspections; we’re about building relationships. We keep you in the loop with engaging and hands-on communication, answering all your queries and providing essential insights on maintaining a compliant and secure pool area.

Licensed and experienced inspectors

Our licensed pool safety inspectors bring a wealth of experience to every pool safety inspection. We meticulously evaluate every aspect of your pool barrier and register all compliant pools on the pool safety register, ensuring adherence to all regulatory requirements.

Our frequently asked questions

Absolutely! We are proficient in certifying new pools, pool fences, and even pool demolition works, ensuring every aspect adheres to the strict safety standards set forth.

Indeed, it’s a legal necessity in Queensland to have a certified pool fence. This law has been operative since December 2015. We understand it might appear overwhelming for long-time pool owners, but rest assured, we make this process straightforward and uncomplicated. Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

We at KP Building Approvals take care of lodging all necessary forms to the Local Council and Pool Safety QLD (QBCC). It’s essential to maintain the compliance of your pool fence after every two-year period, especially if you’re contemplating renting, selling, or leasing the property.

Regular pool safety inspections for non-shared pools are crucial for ensuring sustained compliance and safety. Homeowners are required to renew their non-shared pool safety certificates every two years, while body corporates with shared pools must do so annually.

Yes, each licensed pool safety inspector on our team is available to conduct thorough pool safety inspections in Brisbane and the neighbouring regions. We are committed to providing comprehensive and efficient inspection services wherever you are located.

No worries! If your pool barrier is found non-compliant, we will provide clear and concise feedback and guide you through the necessary adjustments, offering practical and effective solutions to ensure your pool meets all safety requirements.

Certainly! We are licensed pool safety inspectors that bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every inspection. We meticulously assess every aspect of your pool safety barrier to ensure it meets all regulatory requirements.

Maintaining a secure pool area is pivotal. After the inspection, our team remains available to offer advice, address your concerns, and provide insightful recommendations to help you keep your pool area safe and compliant.

Our comprehensive inspections cover everything from assessing the height, strength, and gaps of the pool barrier to ensuring it’s secure and compliant with pool safety laws. We aim to make the entire process transparent, informative, and stress-free for you.

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